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Message of condolences for Iskandariyah stadium attack, 30.03.2016

Vatican City, 27 March 2016 – Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, on behalf of the Holy Father, has sent a message of condolences to Archbishop Alberto Ortega Martin, apostolic nuncio in Iraq, for the victims of the terrorist attack in the Iskandariyah stadium, in which more than thirty people were killed.

"Saddened by the news of the great loss of life caused by the terrorist attack in Iskanderiyah, His Holiness Pope Francis offers fervent prayers for the victims and their families, invoking God's mercy upon the dead and divine consolation upon those who suffer. He prays that in response to this senseless act of violence the Iraqi people will be strengthened in their resolve to reject the ways of hatred and conflict and to work together fearlessly for a future of mutual respect, solidarity and freedom".