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Resignations and Appointments, 04.05.2023

Appointment of bishop of Sumbe, Angola

The Holy Father has appointed the Reverend Firmino David, of the clergy of the archdiocese of Huambo, until now rector of the Christ the King Seminary, Theological Section, Huambo, as bishop of the diocese of Sumbe, Angola.

Curriculum vitae

Msgr. Firmino David was born on 13 April 1962 in Sasalakata, archdiocese of Lubango. He studied philosophy and theology at the diocesan seminary and was ordained a priest on 21 April 1991 for the archdiocese of Huambo.

After ordination, he first served as vice-chancellor of the Curia, parish vicar (1991-1993) and parish priest (1994-1995) of Santo António e São Nuno in Huambo, and spiritual director of the minor seminary (1991-1994). After receiving a licentiate and doctorate in canon law from the Pontifical Urbanian University, Rome (1995-2000), he went on to serve as parish administrator of the mission of Camunda (2000-2008); member of the College of Consultors (2000-2019); judicial vicar (2003-2017); vice rector (2005-2013) and rector (since 2013) of the Christ the King Major Seminary – Theological Section.