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Audiences, 04.03.2023

This morning, the Holy Father Francis received in audience:

- His Eminence Cardinal Pedro Riccardo Barreto Jimeno, archbishop of Huancayo, Peru;

- Archbishop Georg Gänswein, titular of Urbisaglia, prefect of the Papal Household;

- Bishop José Manuel Lorca Planes of Cartagena, Spain;

- Bishop Giovanni Massaro of Avezzano, Italy;

- Msgr. Pierangelo Pedretti;

- Professor Aníbal Jozami, rector of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina;

- Dr. Lorenzo Fazzini, editorial chief of the Vatican Publishing House.

Today, the Pope will receive in audience:

- The Editorial Board of the monthly magazine “Donne-Chiesa-Mondo”;

- The Editorial Board of the television programme “A Sua Immagine”.