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Holy See Press Office Communiqué, 01.06.2020

The Motu Proprio on transparency, control and competition in the procedures for the awarding of public contracts by the Holy See and the Vatican City State is published today. The text will be promulgated by publication in “L’Osservatore Romano” and will enter into force thirty days from today.

The document is the result of synergistic work coordinated by the Secretariat of State among the various bodies of the Roman Curia, including the Council for the Economy, the Secretariat for the Economy, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See and the Governorate of Vatican City State. This is a unique code, which goes beyond the regulations currently in force in some individual entities and now applies to all entities referable to the Holy See and Vatican City State.

The regulations are among the most advanced international legislation on the subject. The inspiring principle of the new text is the diligence of the good family father, who wants an effective and ethical management of his own resources, at the same time favouring transparency, control and a fair treatment of real competition among those who wish to establish an economic relationship with the entities concerned.