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Other News, 21.11.2019

New comic about the Swiss Guard

“Les gardiens du Pape – la Garde Suisse Pontificale” is the new comic by the French writer, cartoonist and film director Yvon Bertorello, who together with the writer Arnaud Delalande, the great author of the historical adventure novel, and the illustrator Laurent Bidot, narrates the adventures of the young Swiss boy Marc, whose wish to join the Corps of the Pontifical Guard leads him to leave his village to begin his service in the Vatican with the “Pope’s Guards”.

Berterello, co-author of the book “François”, on the life of Pope Francis, and the director of the documentary “Veilleurs dans la nuit”, prizewinner at the International Festival of Catholic Film in 2009, had already recounted in “Globis Abenteuer in Rom” (“The adventures of Globi in Rome”) the story of a child who crosses Rome pursued by the Capitoline wolf, meets Romulus and Remus, and gets to know the Pope and the Swiss Guards.

The presentation of “Les gardiens du Pape – La Garde Suisse Pontificale” will take place on 27 November at 17.00, in the quarters of the Pontifical Swiss Guard. In addition to the authors, several senior representatives of the Swiss Guards and members of the Corps will also be present to answer questions.