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The Pope thanks the Vatican Post and Telephone Services, recalling the inscription on a Papal State letterbox: Diviti et inopi, ultro citroque, meandum, 06.06.2019

“The activity of the Vatican Post and Telephone Services extends far beyond the small territory and tiny population resident there: it is open to the needs of countless people throughout the entire world. Precisely for this reason, the Vatican and the Holy See recognize the important function of means of communication and of the international entities that encourage communication”, said the Holy Father this morning, as he received in audience the staff of the Vatican Post and Telephone Service, accompanied by Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, president of the Governorate, and by the heads of the various sectors of competence.

“The Popes have always attributed great importance to communication with heads of State, with communities and with the individual faithful of the various nations, making use of the means offered by technology”, he continued. “In recent decades two meritorious religious families have been called to collaborate in this very significant sector: the Sons of Divine Providence and the Society of Saint Paul (Paulines). My keen appreciation goes to these two Institutes for their generosity and fidelity”.

“Furthermore, through your valuable work, every day many people ‘reach’ the Pope and he, through his collaborators, ‘reaches’ many people. This communicative exchange knows no distances; it responds to the innate need of individuals to create human contacts; and above all it enters into all houses, serving rich and poor. In this respect, I like to remember an ancient Latin inscription engraved on a letter box in the Papal State. ‘Diviti et inopi, ultro citroque, meandum’, which means ‘Go to the rich and poor, everywhere’”.

“Respecting international norms and agreements, you speak a common language, creating bridges between diverse cultures, religions and societies. At the same time, the Vatican Post and Telephone Services guarantee the sharing of sentiments and ideas, contribute to promoting mutual understanding and collaboration between the countries of the different continents, facilitating the exchange of goods and, above all, the respective spiritual and cultural values. In this sense, the post and telephonic services of one of the smallest States in the world, favouring the dissemination of the Christian message”.