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Audiences, 02.02.2018

This morning the Holy Father received in audience:

- Participants in the Conference “Tackling violence committed in the name of religion”;

- H.E. Msgr. Désiré Tsarahazana, archbishop of Toamasina, Madagascar, president of the Conference of Bishops of Madagascar, with H.E. Msgr. Marie Fabien Raharilamboniaina, O.C.D., bishopo of Morondava, vice president; H.E. Msgr. Jean Claude Randrianarisoa, bishop of Miarinarivo, secretary general; the Rev. Gabriel Randrianantenaina, under secretary;

- H.E. Msgr. Carlos José Tissera, bishop of Quilmes, Argentina;

- H.E. Msgr. Hugo Nicolás Barbaro, bishop of San Roque de Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña, Argentina;

- Rev. Don Julián Carrón, president of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.