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Holy See Press Office Communiqué: Conclusion of the trial for misappropriation of funds of the Bambino Gesù Foundation, 14.10.2017

Today, Saturday 14 October, starting at 9.30, the concluding phase in the trial for misappropriation of funds from the Bambino Gesù Foundation took place in Vatican City State Tribunal.

The panel of judges was present (Professor Paolo Papanti-Pelletier, President; Professor Venerando Marano, Judge; and Professor Carlo Bonzano, Judge), along with Professor Roberto Zannotti, the adjunct Promoter of Justice, and the two defendants: Giuseppe Profiti and Massimo Spina, defended by their court-appointed attorneys, Antonello Blasi and Alfredo Ottaviani, respectively.

The hearing was dedicated firstly to the closing arguments by the court-appointed attorneys.

Brief responses were then given by the adjunct Promoter of Justice, Professor Roberto Zannotti, and the attorneys Antonello Blasi and Alfredo Ottaviani. The defendants then gave their concluding statements. The panel of judges then deliberated in closed session. The hearing ended at around 12.15.

At 14.20 the panel returned to the courtroom and the President read the ruling.