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The Pope invites prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the month of June, 01.06.2016

Vatican City, 1 June 2016 – After the catechesis of today's general audience the Pope greeted the faithful of various nationalities present in St. Peter's Square, including pilgrims from Bayonne, France, accompanied by their bishop, Msgr. Aillet; Maronite faithful from the United States; and priests from the German diocese of Würzburg.

He also addressed the Polish faithful, including the young people who meet in Lednica at this time every year. "Dear friends", he said; "You wish to say aloud, to sing and to dance your 'Amen'. This is your confirmation of your personal trust in Christ, Whom your ancestors received in their baptism 1050 years ago. Following the example of Mary, whose life was entirely permeated by the glory of God, in the Holy Spirit repeat every day 'Amen, may it be so'. May the memory of Father Jan, the initiator of your meetings, who is now with the Lord, inspire you on the ways of faith. I offer a heartfelt blessing to you and your pastors."

In Italian, he greeted the participants in the course organised by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, encouraging them to work so that the causes of beatification and canonisation may inspire in dioceses and in religious institutes "the enthusiasm of faith and a new commitment to their mission and their own sanctification."

Finally, he recalled that Friday will be the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, enriched this year by the Jubilee of priests, and he invited all to pray to the Sacred Heart throughout the month of June and to support priests with closeness and affection so that they may always be the "image of this Heart full of merciful love".