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The Pope greets pilgrims from various countries, 27.04.2016

Vatican City, 27 April 2016 – After today's catechesis the Pope greeted pilgrims from various parts of the world present in St. Peter's Square, including the Arabic-speaking faithful from the University of Beirut, Lebanon, who are celebrating the 140 th anniversary of the institution. He also addressed French pilgrims from the diocese of Montpellier, Nantes, San Claude and Moulins, the Italian Redemptoris Missionaries and the teachers from the major seminaries affiliated to the Pontifical Urbanian University of Rome and the those attending the seminar organised by the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Among the Italians present, he also mentioned the faithful from the dioceses of Chieti-Vasto, Novara, Alessandria, Chiavari and Pavia, accompanied by their respective bishops.

Among the Portuguese-speaking pilgrims, he gave a special greeting to those from Brasilia, priests from Serrinha and the Franciscan Brothers of St. Joseph, and among the German speakers, he mentioned the group from the diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone.

"I offer my cordial welcome to Slovakian faithful", he added, "especially parish groups. In this Jubilee pilgrimage you will cross the Holy Doors of the Roman Basilicas. Crossing the Holy Door means confessing that Jesus Christ is the Lord, to live the new life that He has given us."