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From the Eastern Churches, 26.09.2023

Election of archbishop of Teheran of the Chaldeans, Iran

The Holy Father has granted his assent to the election by the Synod of the Patriarchal Church of Baghdad of the Chaldeans of the Reverend Imad Khoshaba Gargees, of the clergy of the eparchy of Duhok, as archbishop of Teheran of the Chaldeans, Iran.

Curriculum vitae

Msgr. Imad Khoshaba Gargees was born on 4 April 1978 in Komane-Amadiyah-Duhok in the region of Iraqi Kurdistan. He studied philosophy and theology at Babel College in Baghdad (1997-2004).

On 8 June 2004 he received priestly ordination in Komane, and was ascribed to the eparchy of Duhok of the Chaldeans.

From 2004 from 2010 he was secretary to the bishop and at the same time parish priest Amadiyah. He then went to Rome, where he obtained a licentiate and doctorate in canon law at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. From 2016 to 2022 he held the role of protosyncellus and parish priest of the Mar Ith Alaha Cathedral in Duhok. In 2016 he was appointed director of the Institute of Catechesis in Duhok. Since 2022 he has been parish priest in Mangesh.