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Resignations and Appointments, 03.08.2022

Appointment of bishop of São João da Boa Vista, Brazil

The Holy Father has appointed Bishop José Carlos Brandão Cabral as bishop of the diocese of São João da Boa Vista, Brazil, transferring him from the diocese of Almenara.

Curriculum vitae

Bishop José Carlos Brandão Cabral was born on 30 May 1963 in Tupã, in the diocese of Marília. He attended the São Fidélis  Seraphic Seminary of the Franciscan Capuchin Order in Piracicaba, and the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, studying philosophy and theology. He subsequently attended a course at the Higher Institute of Canon Law of the archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro.

He received priestly ordination on 12 March 1983, and was incardinated in the diocese of Limeira.

Since ordination, he has held the following offices: parish priest of Menino Jesus in Limeira (since 1993); chaplain of the Casa de Misericórdia (1999-2004); spiritual director of the São João Maria Vianney Major Seminary (1995-2004); episcopal vicar (2003-2005); judge auditor of the Interdiocesan Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Campinas (2005-2013), and diocesan chancellor (2008-2013).

On 19 June 2013 he was appointed as bishop of Almenara, receiving episcopal consecration the following 15 September.