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Resignations and Appointments, 11.05.2022

Appointment of bishop of Dolisie, Republic of the Congo

The Holy Father has appointed the Reverend Fr. Toussaint Ngoma Foumanet, C.S.Sp., until now provincial superior of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit in the Congo and coordinator of the Union of the Spiritan Circumscriptions of Central Africa (UCSAC), as bishop of the diocese of Dolisie, Republic of the Congo.

Curriculum vitae

Msgr. Toussaint Ngoma Foumanet, C.S.Sp., was born on 1 November 1975 in Sibiti, in the then-diocese of Nkayi. In 1988 he entered the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Spiritans). From 1999 to 2002 he studied philosophy in Libreville, Gabon, from 2002 to 2003 he carried out his novitiate in Mbalmayo, Cameroon, and from 2004 to 2008 he studied theology at Saint Cyprien, Douala. He gave his religious vows on 14 September 2007, Cameroon, and was ordained a priest on 26 July 2008 in Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville.

Since priestly ordination, he has held the following offices: counsellor to the regional Superior, parish vicar (2008-2009) and parish priest (2009-2011) of the Holy Spirit in Pissa, diocese of Mbaïki, Central African Republic; dean of Mbaïki and studies in law at the University of Bangui (2009-2011); parish priest of Notre Dame d’Afrique, in the metropolitan archdiocese of Bangui, Central African Republic; first provincial assistant and chargé for confrères in loco (2011-2016); and dean of Notre Dame d’Afrique (2013-2016). From 2016 to the present he has served as provincial of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Spiritans) in the Congo and coordinator of the Union of Spiritan Circumscriptions in Central Africa (UCSAC).

In addition he has served as: president of the Conference of Spiritan Superiors in Africa and Madagascar (2017-2019), parish priest of Saint Kisito Makélékélé (2018-2019), vicar of the Saint Grégoire de Massengo parish (2019-2020) and vicar of the Notre-Dames des Victoires de Ouenzé in Brazzaville (2020-2021).