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Holy See Press Release, 21.10.2021

In the light of the statements made by the Holy Father Francis during the Angelus at Agostino Gemelli University Hospital on 11 July on the Church’s duty of service in the health sector, the competent ecclesiastical authorities, with the collaboration of other non-profit institutions, have undertaken to resolve the economic and management crisis that the “San Giovanni Calibita-Fatebenefratelli” Hospital on the Tiber Island in Rome has been experiencing for some time.

Considering the significant spiritual and moral value represented by the hospital - in the sense of an evangelical witness of attention and care for the sick, with humanity and professionalism, carried out for over four centuries - a recovery plan has been launched that, in compliance with the regulations in force and in dialogue with the parties involved in various ways, will allow it to continue to play the role that has characterised it so far in the field of Catholic health care.

On this occasion, we would like to express our thanks to the San Donato Group, in the persons of Vice-Presidents Paolo Rotelli and Kamel Ghribi, and the Chief Executive Officer Francesco Giosuè Galli, for the intervention agreed upon with the Generalate of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God (Fatebenefratelli), aimed at preventing a further worsening of the current crisis and finding a definitive solution.