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Sala Stampa

Chirograph of the Holy Father for the establishment in canonical and Vatican juridical person of the "Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network” Foundation, 03.12.2020


The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, formerly the Apostleship of Prayer, initiated in France by the Reverend François-Xavier Gautrelet, S.J., is based on the spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and receives the monthly prayer intentions proposed to the Church by the Holy Father.

Some years ago I instituted the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network as a Pontifical Society to underscore the universal nature of this apostleship and the need we all have to pray more, and with heartfelt sincerity.

With the purpose of coordinating and inspiring this spiritual movement so dear to me, providing it with a structure adequate to the times in which we liven by virtue of the apostolic power of the Church and of the sovereignty of Vatican City State, in view of canons 331, 114 and 115 §3, 116 §1 and 1303 §1, no. 1 of the Code of Canon Law, and article no. 1 of the Fundamental Law of Vatican City State of 26 November 2000, accepting the request presented by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network


in canonical and Vatican juridical person the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, based in Vatican City State, governed by the Statutes annexed to this Chirograph, approved by me today, which will come into force from 17 December 2020.

            Vatican City 17 November 2020.