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Telegram of condolences of the Holy Father for the victims of the shootings in Hanau, Germany, 21.02.2020

The following is the telegram of condolences for the victims of the shootings which took place in Hanau, Germany, sent by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin on behalf of the Holy Father Francis to Bishop Michael Gerber of Fulda:



His Reverend Excellency

Bishop Michael Gerber of Fulda

Upon learning of the terrible act of violence in Hanau, which caused the death of innocent people, the Holy Father Francis was profoundly sorrowed. His Holiness expresses his participation in the mourning of family members, assuring his closeness in their suffering. In prayer, Pope Francis entrusts the deceased to God’s mercy and implores Christ, Lord of life, that those in mourning find consolation and trust, and are accompanied by God’s blessing and peace.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin
Secretary of State