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Other News, 05.12.2019

The churches of the diocese of Rome dedicate a special prayer to the Pope on his priestly jubilee

This coming 13 December, Pope Francis will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of his priestly ordination, which took place on 13 December 1969, with the laying on of hands by Archbishop Ramon Jose Castellano of Cordoba, Argentina. The diocese of Rome, of which the Pope is bishop, will commemorate the event by dedicating to him a special prayer intention, to be recited in the prayer of the faithful in the Masses celebrated in Roman churches on 8 December.

“For Pope Francis, who on 13 December celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of his priestly ordination: may the Lord Who has called him to be administrator of the Holy Mysteries and bishop of Rome, guide and sustain him with the grace of His Spirit, and give him the consolation that comes from the prayer of the whole Church. Let us pray” is the text of the prayer, written by Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, along with a letter in which he thanks the Lord for these fifty years of ministry, 27 of episcopacy, and in which he addresses the priests, deacons, religious and faithful of the diocese affirming that: “We all have in mind and heart the image of 13 March 2013 when, presenting himself to the world, the Pope asked for the first time that we pray for him. Let us remember that unexpected silence when, looking at our city, he bowed to receive the blessing of Heaven through the intercession of God’s people: a silence, a gesture, a unanimous prayer, strong, ‘familiar’”.

Cardinal De Donatis also comments that the request for prayer is constant in the Holy Father’s addresses: “Please do not forget to pray for me. They are his final words every Sunday, from the window at the Angelus, at every encounter, in every moment”.

By this initiative, the entire diocesan community of Rome gathers around its bishop and prays for him.