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Audience with a delegation of Catholic and Evangelical journalists from the Federal Republic of Germany, 04.04.2019

At 12.30 today, in the Hall of Popes in the Vatican Apostolic Palace, the Holy Father Francis received in audience a delegation of Catholic and Evangelist journalists from the Federal Republic of Germany.

The following is the Pope’s greeting to those present:


Greeting of the Holy Father

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to greet your delegation, composed of representatives of the German Episcopal Conference, the Evangelical Church in Germany, and the public media in Germany, I thank Cardinal Marx for the words he addressed to me also on behalf of Mr. Landesbischof Heinrich Bedford-Strom.

Our meeting is an expression of the living dialogue between the Churches and the public radio and television in Germany. Conversation generates understanding, opens horizons, and meeting one another creates the space for a free and open exchange of information, opinions and analyses. I encourage you in your effort to ensure that there are facts rather than fake news, objectivity instead of hearsay, precise research rather than approximate articles.

For some time now we have been witnessing a troubling evolution in the world: the contestation of the right to life, the advancement of euthanasia, the denial of social equality, the lack of integration, and the violation of human dignity and freedom of conscience. In such a context, the public media are responsible for taking a decisive position for the precious good of human freedom. And the Churches support you in this service, as the mission of Christ, who came among humanity “that they may have life, and have it abundantly”.

I thank you all for your work. As journalists you place the person at the centre of your attention, with the intention of offering your contribution so that their life may be and remain worthy of being lived. I hope that in your service, there may never lack the good things, the good news that is worth recounting and which gives hope. May the Lord accompany you with His blessing, with His closeness in your work. And, please, do not forget to pray for me. Danke.