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Resignations and Appointments, 23.01.2019

Appointment of auxiliary bishop of São Paulo, Brazil

The Holy Father has appointed as auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of São Paulo, Brazil, the Rev. José Benedito Cardoso, of the clergy of the diocese of Itapetininga, currently vicar general and parish priest of São Roque in Itapetininga, assigning him the titular see of Castel minore.

S.E. Msgr. José Benedito Cardoso

S.E. Msgr. José Benedito Cardoso was born on 12 September 1961 in Angatuba, diocese of Itapetininga, state of São Paulo. He carried out his studies in philosophy at the São Carlos Borromeu in Sorocaba (1981-1982) and in theology in the São Paulo Theological Institute (ITESP) in São Paulo (1983-1986). He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil law and a licentiate in canon law from the São Paulo Faculty of Canon Law.

On 23 November 1986 he was ordained a priest for the archdiocese of Sorocaba, where he was parish priest of Bom Jesus in Alambari (1987). With the creation of the diocese of Itapetininga in 1998, as a result of the dismemberment of Sorocaba, the Rev. Cardoso was incardinated in the new circumscription, in which he held the offices of diocesan chancellor (1998-2010) and rector of the diocesan seminary (2004-2006). For several years he held the office of judge in the interdiocesan ecclesiastical tribunal of Sorocaba.

He is currently vicar general (since 2012), parish priest of São Roque in Itapetininga (since 1988), member of the presbyteral council and the council of consultors, and president of the diocesan tribunal of Itapetininga.