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The Holy Father’s condolences for the victims of the attack in Strasbourg, 12.12.2018

The following is the telegram of condolences for the victims of the attack that took place yesterday evening at the Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France, sent on behalf of the Holy Father Francis to H.E. Msgr. Luc Ravel, C.R.S.V., archbishop of Strasbourg, by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin:



To His Excellency
Msgr. Luc RAVEL, C.R.S.V.
Archbishop of Strasbourg - STRASBOURG

It is with sadness and concern that His Holiness Pope Francis learned of the attack that took place last night at the Christmas market in Strasbourg, which caused several casualties. Pope Francis again expresses his firm condemnation of such acts. He expresses his compassion especially to the affected families and to all those affected by this attack, assuring them of his prayer. While entrusting the deceased to God’s mercy, the Holy Father reserves a special thought for the professionals and the volunteers who take care of the wounded. As a pledge of consolation, he implores the abundance of divine blessings on the victims, on those who assist them and on all the French people.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin
Secretary of State