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Apostolic Trip of His Holiness Francis to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia (22-25 September 2018) – The Pope’s words during the Rome-Vilnius Flight, 22.09.2018

This morning, on the aircraft that carried him to Lithuania for his 25th apostolic trip, the Holy Father Francis addressed customary greetings to the media workers who accompanied him on the papal flight.

Introduced by the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Greg Burke, the Pope addressed the following words to the journalists:


Words of the Holy Father

Greg Burke:
Good morning, Holy Father, welcome! You have reached 25 international trips, you know. Many journalists, I think – or several at least – have been present on all the trips; for others it is a new trip, the first trip, including for nine journalists from the Baltic States. I would like to take advantage to remind you all that it is a quick moment of greeting. Perhaps you would like to say something first…

Papa Francesco:
Good morning! Many thanks for your company, for the help of this trip, the service, for informing the people who follow the trip and who are interested. They are three countries which are similar but different, and it will be a task for you to see the resemblances and the differences. They have a common yet different history. And it will be good! Many thanks!