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Sala Stampa

Message of the Holy Father to the participants in the “Meal of Encounter” in the “Saint John Paul II” Caritas soup kitchen in Via Marsala, Rome, 19.06.2018

The following is the Message Pope Francis has sent to the participants in the Meal of Encounter, organized by Caritas Rome, Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Italy, at the “Saint John Paul II” soup kitchen in Rome, as part of the “Share the Journey” campaign in World Action Week (17-24 June), which involves moments of exchange on the theme of migration and action in various spheres.


Message of the Holy Father

Dear brothers and sisters,

With this message I wish to encourage you to continue your journey with migrants and refugees, and to share a meal with them, like the one organized here by Caritas.

As Caritas, you have accepted the invitation to launch a global level awareness-raising initiative in support of migrants and refugees: it is the “Sharing the Journey” campaign, which we inaugurated together 27 September last. Today, I would like to invite you all – migrants, refugees, Caritas workers and institutions – to identify the traits of this journey that have had the most impact on you: what hope inspires your path? Try to share this thought and to “celebrate” what we have in common.

I wish, finally, to encourage you in Caritas, the community of faithful with its pastors, and all people of good will, always to create new spaces for sharing, so that from our encounters a renewed fraternity with migrants and refugees may emerge.

I heartily bless your soup kitchen, and I wish you a good lunch.

From the Vatican, 19 June 2018