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Resignations and Appointments, 23.06.2017

Appointment of bishop of St. George’s, Grenada

The Holy Father has appointed as bishop of the diocese of St. George’s, Grenada, Rev. Clyde Martin Harvey of the clergy of Port of Spain, parish priest and episcopal vicar for the clergy.

Rev. Clyde Martin Harvey

The Rev. Clyde Martin Harvey was born in Trinidad and Tobago, in the Antilles, on 9 November 1948. He attended primary and secondary school in the quarter of Belmont. After discovering his priestly vocation, he carried out his philosophical and theological formation in the St. John Maria Vianney and Ugandan Martyrs regional seminary in Trinidad and Tobago. He was ordained a priest on 27 June 1976.

After priestly ordination he held the following offices and carried out further studies: lecturer in philosophy in the archdiocese of Port of Spain (since 1976); formator and vice-rector of the St. John Maria Vianney and Ugandan Martyrs regional seminary (1976-1979); parish priest in Morvant and Laventille (1979-1985); brief specialization course at the University of Lancaster, England (1985); higher studies in the Graduate School of Theology of the University of Berkeley, California (1985-1988); parish priest in Maloney (1988-1996); parish priest in San Fernando (1997-2007); and parish priest in Gonzales and Holy Rosary (2007-2016). He is currently episcopal vicar for the clergy.