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Audiences, 25.04.2017

Today the Holy Father received in audience:

Prelates of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario, on their “ad Limina Apostolorum” visit:

Cardinal Thomas Christopher Collins, archbishop of Toronto with the auxiliary bishops:

Msgr. John Anthony Boissonneau, titular bishop of Tambee;

Msgr. Vincent Nguyen Manh Hieu, titular bishop of Ammaedara;

Msgr. Wayne Joseph Kirkpatrick, titular bishop of Aradi;

Msgr. Mons. Robert Michael Kasun, titular bishop of Lavello;

Msgr. David Douglas Crosby, titular bishop of Hamilton, with the bishop emeritus:

Msgr. Anthony Frederick Tonnos;

and with the former Auxiliary:

Msgr. Matthew Francis Ustrzycki, titular bishop of Naziona;

Msgr. Ronald Peter Fabbro, titular bishop of London, with the auxiliary bishop:

Msgr. Jozef A. Dabrowski, titular bishop of Case di Numidia;

Msgr. Gerard Paul Bergie, bishop of Saint Catharines;

Msgr. Frederick J. Colli, bishop of Thunder Bay;

Msgr. Terrence Thomas Prendergast, archbishop of Ottawa, apostolic administrator of Alexandria-Cornwall,
with the auxiliary bishop:

Msgr. Christian Riesbeck, titular bishop of Tipasa di Numidia;

and with the bishop emeritus of Alexandria-Cornwall:

Msgr. Eugène Philippe LaRocque;

Msgr. Robert O. Bourgon, bishop of Hearst, apostolic administrator of Moosonee;

Msgr. Michael Mulhall, bishop of Pembroke;

Msgr. Serge Poitras, bishop of Timmins;

Msgr.Brendan Michael O'Brien, archbishop of Kingston;

Msgr. Marcel Damphousse, bishop of Sault Sainte Marie;

Msgr. Daniel Joseph Miehm, bishop of Peterborough;

Msgr. Scott McCaig, of the Companions of the Cross, Military Ordinary.