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Pilgrimage of the Holy Father Francis to Bozzolo (diocese of Cremona) and Barbiana (diocese of Florence), 24.04.2017

On Tuesday 20 June 2017, the Holy Father Francis will make a pilgrimage to Bozzolo (province of Mantua and diocese of Cremona) and to Barbiana (province and diocese of Florence) to pray at the tombs of Don Primo Mazzolari and Don Lorenzo Milani.

The visit, which will take place in a private rather than an official form, will be structured as follows:

Tuesday, 20 June


Departure by helicopter from the Vatican heliport


Arrival at the sports field of Bozzolo, Mantua

The Holy Father is welcomed by:

His Excellency Msgr. Antonio Napolioni, bishop of Cremona

Mayor of Bozzolo


Parish of San Pietro: prayer at the tomb of Don Primo Mazzolari (1890-1959)

The Holy Father will give a commemorative address to the faithful present in the Church


Departure from the sports field of Bozzolo


Arrival at the forecourt in front of the Church of Barbiana

The Holy Father is welcomed by:

His Eminence Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, archbishop of Florence

Mayor of Vicchio, Florence


Private visit to the cemetery, and prayer at the tomb of Don Lorenzo Milani (1923-1967), on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his death

In the Church: encounter with the living disciples of Don Milani and brief visit to the vicarage

in the adjacent garden: the Holy Father gives a commemorative address, in the presence of the disciples, to a group of priests from the diocese and some young people housed in family residences (a total of around 200 people)


Departure from Barbiana


Return to the Vatican