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Sala Stampa

The Pope asks for improvement in living conditions for prisoners and an act of clemency in the Jubilee of Mercy, 06.11.2016

In addition, I wish to reiterate the importance of reflecting on the need for a criminal justice that is not exclusively punitive, but open to hope and the prospect of reintegrating the offender in society. In a special way, I submit to the consideration of competent civil authorities of every country the possibility of offering, in this Holy Year of Mercy, an act of clemency towards those prisoners whom they consider eligible to benefit from such a measure.

Two days ago, the Paris Agreement on the climate of the planet came into force. This important step forward shows that humanity is able to work together for the protection of Creation, to put the economy at the service of people and to build peace and justice. Then, tomorrow, in Marrakech, Morocco, there will begin the new session of the climate conference, which aims at, among other things, the implementation of this agreement. I hope that all this process may be guided by an awareness of our responsibility for the care of our common home.

Yesterday, in Shkodra, Albania, 38 martyrs were beatified: two bishops, many priests and religious, one seminarian and some lay people, [who were] victims of severe persecution of the atheist regime that dominated a long time in that country in the last century. They preferred to suffer imprisonment, torture and eventually death, in order to remain faithful to Christ and the Church. May their example help us find strength in the Lord who offers support in times of trouble, and inspires attitudes of kindness, forgiveness and peace.