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Telegramma di cordoglio del Santo Padre per la morte di Shimon Peres, 28.09.2016

Pubblichiamo di seguito il testo del messaggio di cordoglio che Papa Francesco ha inviato al Presidente dello Stato di Israele per la morte dell’ex Presidente Shimon Peres:

Telegramma del Santo Padre

His Excellency Reuven Rivlin
President of the State of Israel

I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of His Excellency Shimon Peres, and I wish to convey to you and to all the people of Israel my heartfelt condolences. I fondly recall my time with Mr Peres at the Vatican and renew my great appreciation for the late President's tireless efforts in favour of peace. As the State of Israel mourns Mr Peres, I hope that his memory and many years of service will inspire us all to work with ever greater urgency for peace and reconciliation between peoples. In this way, his legacy will truly be honoured and the common good for which he so diligently laboured will find new expressions, as humanity strives to advance on the path towards enduring peace. With the assurance of my prayers for all who grieve, especially for the Peres family, I invoke the divine blessings of consolation and strength upon the nation.


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