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Pope Francis has sent a message
to the young people of Scholas Occurrentes and World ORT

With a video message sent from the Vatican, Pope Francis has concluded the 6th World Youth Meeting organized in São Paulo by the Pontifical Scholas Occurrentes Movement, World ORT and the Leo Werthein Foundation

São Paulo, 27 October 2023 – On Thursday, Pope Francis celebrated the conclusion of the 6th World Youth Meeting held in São Paulo, and affirmed that the international event is an example of a work of reflection and witness so that hundreds of young people from different parts of the world, upon returning to their communities, may have the will and the mission of replicating what they have learned about tolerance and peace, experienced through dialogue with their peers.

The Holy Father expressed himself via a recorded message broadcast at the conclusion of the 6th World Youth Meeting organized by the Pontifical Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, World ORT and the Leo Werthein Foundation. He greeted the young people, telling them that encounter, in order to be humane, must be free, and that encounter is movement.

More than 100 young people from eighty cities in 25 countries gathered for four days in the State of São Paulo to celebrate co-existence, intercultural dialogue and diversity, with the aim of contributing to building a more just and united world. The event took place in the midst of the international shock of the recent terrorist attacks in the Middle East.

Almost a decade ago, José María Del Corral, theologian, educator, founder and current world director of Scholas Occurrentes, and the Latin American businessman Darío Werthein, engaged in the field of education, joined forces to broaden these encounters in the conviction that education is the key to a more just and peaceful world.

After touring the stage where the young people held their countries’ flags, Del Corral said with emotion: "I went around the world and discovered another world". In this sense, he added: "This week, these young people have understood that we do not have to hide our differences, not any more: we are who we are and we have to be proud of being who we are. And it is clear that if we want a global world, as Pope Francis says, that world is made up of many identities. It is possible to continue to believe that we can build a better world”.

In turn, Werthein said: "Listening to children talk about education, racism, commitment, going into their communities to try to change the needs they have, moves their hearts, encourages them to continue, strengthens their emotions, in a world so convulsed by the war in Ukraine, the problems in Israel and Gaza. It is wonderful to contribute a little light to the world, because these young people transmit light.

The event was declared to be of public interest by the prefect of Jaguriúna, Gustavo Bernardes Reis, insofar as it provides young people the opportunity for a transformative experience that values diversity, unity and collectivity, after inviting them to develop activities in their community.

The event received the strategic support of Vrio Corp, the company that manages SKY Brazil and DIRECTV Latin America, which through its Propósito Vrio programme complete with sustainability has developed in tandem and in the same place the 5th Escuela Plus Congress, which brought together teachers, education experts and leaders from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

The 6th World Youth Meeting, held in São Paulo, concluded with the planting of the traditional olive tree of peace and the commitment to hold the next meeting next year.

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