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Vatican Museums: New tariffs for 2024

The Directorate of Museums and Cultural Assets announces that, as of 1 January 2024, the price of ordinary tickets for admission to the Pontifical Collections will be revised.

The cost of the full-price ticket will be raised to 20 Euros, while the reduced price, for categories of visitors that are entitled to it, will not undergo any change, and the concessionary rate will remain at 8 Euros.

The need to adjust the ticket price is strictly linked to the general increase in costs. The new tariff will make it possible to guarantee the management of the museum complex and care for its artistic, historical and cultural heritage in a manner more effective and congruent with current needs, as already envisaged in the overall reorganization of the Vatican Museums reception policies.

The ultimate goal remains, as always, that of offering a better service, more closely aligned to the needs of visitors, with particular regard to the faithful who wish to have experience that only the greatest complex of works of art in the Christian world is able to offer.

The non-compulsory reservation fee, already set at 5 Euro, remains confirmed.