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Rome Holy City of the Jubilee


Starting from Academic Year 2023-2024

The Pontifical Gregorian University intends to contribute to the preparation of the next Ordinary Jubilee 2025 with the new Diploma in the History and Art of Jubilees, a one-year course that will be start from the academic year 2023-2024 at the Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage of the Church.

According to the words of Fr. Mark Lewis S.J., Rector of the Gregorian University, “The resources of the Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage of the Church provide us with unique tools to contribute to this important moment in the life of the Church. The Church of Rome is a custodian of a unique historical and artistic treasure, destined to draw people to ever deeper reflection on their faith through the experience of beauty.”

The Diploma in the History and Art of Jubilees is destinated to those who wish to receive adequate training on issues related to the historical, artistic and religious aspects of the Jubilee and at those who will be involved in welcoming and guiding pilgrims coming to Rome for the Holy Year 2025. The Diploma is a training course dedicated to getting to know Rome, the site of the Successor of Peter, as a pilgrimage destination: from the visit to the tomb of the St. Peter and the tombs of the martyrs, to the foundation of Jubilee in 1300, a universal event that has been convening the faithful from every part of the Christian world since the Middle Ages up to the present day.

The Diploma in History and Art of Jubilees has the patronage of the Dicastery for Evangelization (Section for Fundamental Questions regarding Evangelization in the World) and the Fabric of St. Peter in the Vatican. The Diploma is also recognized as an accreditation title for the purposes of qualification for the service of guide in St. Peter’s Papal Basilica, in accordance with the procedures laid down by Fabric of St. Peter.

Prof. Ottavio Bucarelli, moderator of the Diploma, illustrates that “After being introduced to thetheological and spiritual foundations of the Jubilee, the students will deal with the history of the Holy Years, with particular attention to the importance of Rome as a pilgrimage destination since the first centuries of Christianity. The theme of papal commissions in Jubilee events, which mainly involved the city of Rome, will be explored in depth: new buildings, restorations, embellishments, care for urban decoration and infrastructure, and the realisation of charitable works. Devotional aspects and religious practices related to the Jubilee will be covered.”

Pontificia Università Gregoriana!Piazza della Pilotta, 4!00187 ROMA Dr. Paolo Pegoraro: +39 06 6701 5634!+39 342 5401 898!press@unigre.it

Ufficio Comunicazione e Stampa

In addition to classroom lectures, the Diploma will include educational visits to monuments and sites of Christian Rome. The annual course will be completed in the “Sacra loca circuire” Workshop, during which tools and methods to correctly lead a visit to a place of worship or of religious significance will be given, for clarifying how to combine themes of faith, worship and devotion with historical, artistic and architectural goals.

Course Professors

Nicoletta Bernacchio, Maria Alessandra Bilotta, Ottavio Bucarelli, Ilaria Fiumi Sermattei, Massimiliano Ghilardi, Manuela Gianandrea, Robert Godding S.J., Cecilia Proverbio, Juan Rego, Domenico Rocciolo, Lydia Salviucci, Andrea Antonio Verardi, Pietro Zander.