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Press Release – Holy Week 2023

To celebrate Easter and to express the joy of the resurrection of Christ, Saint Peter’s Square will be transformed into a garden in bloom. More than 35,000 flowers and plants from the Netherlands will carpet the parvis of the Vatican Basilica. The floral decorations will be created by the workers of the Garden and Environment Service of the Directorate of Infrastructure and Services of the Governorate, with the collaboration of Floral Designer Daniela Canu. Dutch florists and floristry professors from Naklo in Slovenia will also contribute. Together they will work throughout the whole day of Good Friday to prepare and finish the decorations by the following day. World of Spray Roses - Creative and Innovative Sprayroses Inspiration Worldwide Rose Alliance will provide some 720 roses, delivered to the Service via Flora Netherlands, in cooperation with Dr Charles Lansdorp.

Not only on the occasion of the Solemnity of Easter, but throughout Holy Week, Saint Peter's Square will be adorned with flower arrangements and decorations. This will be carried out by the in-house workers of the Governorate of the Vatican City State, in cooperation with those who have offered plants and flowers.

In particular, for Palm Sunday, 2 April, olive twigs will be distributed, provided by the National Association of Oil Cities, by the mayors of the Oil Cities of Umbria Region, coordinated by Dr. Antonio Balenzano, national director of the Association.

The “Phoenix palms” will be provided by the Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff. Palm trees from the city of Sanremo will also be present.

The wholesale floricultural company Flora Olanda of Rome will lend the large olive trees to be positioned near the statues of Saints Peter and Paul, at the foot of the parvis, and the obelisk.

From the Vatican, 1 April 2023