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Rescriptum Ex Audientia SS.mi, 20.03.2024

The Supreme Pontiff Francis

at the Audience granted to the undersigned Substitute for General Affairs on 19 March 2024, has decided that the Canons and Coadjutors of the Chapter of Saint Mary Major, appointed before the entry into force of the Statutes and Regulations approved by Chirograph of the same date, who have reached or will reach the age of eighty, in accordance with Art. 7.4 of the new Statutes and Article 5.1 of the new Regulations of the Chapter of Saint Mary Major, assume the status of Honorary Canons and Honorary Coadjutors.

For as long as health and self-sufficiency permit:

1. the Honorary Canons shall retain the loan of the flat they already enjoy, the title of Protonotary Apostolic Supernumerary, and their own robes;

2. the Honorary Coadjutors will enjoy a lease, facilitated as usual, while keeping the Coadjutor's robes.

In addition, Honorary Canons and Honorary Coadjutors may

3. continue their voluntary liturgical-pastoral activity in the Basilica;

4. continue to receive the Chapter allowance as recognised by the Rescritto ex Audientia of 18 December 2021;

5. avail themselves of the possibility of burial in the Canons' Cemetery, in accordance with the Circular of 23 September 2023.

Honorary Canons are exempt from all obligations to the Chapter and, consequently, do not take part in Chapter Sessions.

The Holy Father has also established that the same provisions also apply to those Canons and Coadjutors who, though not yet eighty years of age, have not attended liturgical celebrations or taken part in Chapter Sessions for some time.


From the Vatican, 19 March 2024

Edgar Peña Parra