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Resignations and Appointments (continued), 14.10.2023

Resignation and appointment of bishop of Pescia, Italy

The Holy Father has accepted the resignation from the pastoral care of the diocese of Pescia, Italy, presented by Bishop Roberto Filippini.

The Holy Father has appointed Bishop Fausto Tardelli of Pistoia as bishop of the diocese of Pescia, Italy, uniting the two Sees in persona Episcopi.

Curriculum vitae

Bishop Fausto Tardelli was born on 5 January 1951 in Lucca, in the province and archdiocese of the same name. He attended the diocesan seminary, and was ordained a priest on 29 June 1974 for the archdiocese of Lucca. He was subsequently awarded a licentiate and doctorate in moral theology from the Pontifical Alphonsian Academy in Rome.

He has held the following offices: teacher of moral theology at the seminary of Lucca and at the Interdiocesan Studium of Camaiore, now affiliated to the Theological Faculty of Central Italy (since 1978); ecclesiastical assistant for Scouts in Lucca (since 1979); assistant to the Catholic Action Student Movement (1978-1992); vice chancellor and then chancellor of the Curia (1983-1993); diocesan assistant for Catholic Action (1984-1987); assistant to FUCI (until 1992); parish priest in Moriano, Massarosa and Lucca (1986-2001), pro-vicar general and moderator of the Curia (since 2001).

He organized and prepared the diocesan Synod, of which he became secretary in 1996. He was then appointed vicar general.

He was elected to the See of San Miniato on 6 March 2004, receiving episcopal consecration the following 2 May. On 8 October 2014 he was transferred to the diocese of Pistoia.

Within the Italian Episcopal Conference, he is secretary for the Commission for the Laity. He is also secretary of the Tuscan Episcopal Conference.