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Audiences, 24.02.2023

Today, the Holy Father Francis received in audience:

- Mr. Juan Manuel Santos, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2016, with his wife;

- His Eminence Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle, pro-prefect of the Dicastery for Evangelization;

- Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera López of Monterrey, Mexico, president of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, with:

  - Bishop Jaime Calderón Calderón of Tapachula, vice president;

  - Bishop Ramón Castro Castro of Cuernavaca, secretary general;

  - Archbishop Jorge Alberto Cavazos Arizpe of San Luis Potosí, bursar;

- Moderators of some Movements and New Communities;

- A delegation from the production team of the film “Madre Cabrini”;

- Members of the “Pro Petri Sede” Association.