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Judgement of Vatican City State Tribunal in the criminal proceedings against Gabriele Martinelli and Enrico Radice, 06.10.2021

In the name of His Holiness

Pope Francis

The Tribunal

composed of Messrs:

Dr. Giuseppe Pignatone, President

Professor Venerando Marano, Judge

Professor Carlo Bonzano, Judge

- with regard to art. 421 et seq. of the Code of Criminal Procedure


Martinelli Gabriele not punishable, pursuant to articles 53 and following of the criminal code, limited to the facts contested to him up to 9 August 2008, as he was under 16 years of age;


Martinelli Gabriele of the offences charged against him in relation to the period after 9 August 2008 on the ground of lack of evidence


null and void the criminal action for prescription pursuant to Article 91 of the criminal code, with regard to Martinelli Gabriele, after reclassification of the facts in question, limited to the period from 9 August 2008 to 19 March 2009, as part of the offence of corrupting a minor provided for and punished by Article 335 of the criminal code

null and void the criminal action with regard to Enrico Radice, in relation to the alleged facts committed in October 2013, due to the lapse of the statute of limitations pursuant to Article 91 of the criminal code


Radice Enrico, in relation to the contested creation of a letter apparently signed by the Bishop of Como Monsignor Coletti, because the fact does not exist;


Radice Enrico not punishable, pursuant to Article 215 of the Criminal Code, in relation to the charge concerning the statements made to the Promoter of Justice on 6 September 2018.

Vatican City, 6 October 2021


Giuseppe Pignatone, President

Venerando Marano, Judge

Carlo Bonzano, Judge

Raffaele Ottaviano, Chancellor.