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Holy Mass on Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord, 04.04.2021

At 10.00 this morning, Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord, the Holy Father Francis presided at the solemn celebration of the Mass of the day at the Altar of the Cathedra in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The celebration began with the rite of the “Resurrexit” and the aspersion of holy water. The following are the Pope’s words before the blessing:


Words of the Holy Father

Before concluding this celebration, I would like to welcome the new archpriest, Cardinal Brother Mauro Gambetti. Thank you for your willingness, Brother! I wish him all the best in the service of this church which is so important for all Christians. And I would also like to thank Cardinal Angelo Comastri who, after 16 years as archpriest and at the threshold of 78 years of age, is leaving the office. Thank you very much Cardinal Comastri, thank you for your pastoral care, for your spirituality, for your sermons, for your mercy. May the Lord reward all your work. And I would like to thank all of you who have worked to make the celebrations of this Holy Week worthy and beautiful, all of you! I thank all those who work here in Saint Peter's, the choir, the ministrants, the lectors, the deacons... Everyone! Thank you very much.