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Audience with the “Spezia” football team, 20.01.2021

This morning, before the general audience, the Holy Father Francis met with the “Spezia” football team and addressed the following greeting to the managers and players:


Greeting of the Holy Father

Good morning! Good morning to you all.

First of all, congratulations, because yesterday you were good. Congratulations! In Argentina we dance the tango, and the tango is two-by-four music [it is based on the two-quarter time]. Today you are 4 to 2 [referring to the previous night’s victory], and that’s good. Congratulations, and keep going!

And thank you for this visit, because I like to see the effort of young men and women in sport, because sport is a wonder, sport “brings out” all the best that we have inside. Continue with this, because it leads you to a great nobility. Thank you for your witness.