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Resignations and Appointments, 27.10.2020

Appointment of coadjutor bishop of Riobamba, Ecuador

The Holy Father has appointed as coadjutor bishop of the diocese of Riobamba, Ecuador, Msgr. Gerardo Miguel Nieves Loja, until now vicar general and parish priest in the same diocese.

Curriculum vitae

Msgr. Gerardo Miguel Nieves Loja was born on 13 June 1963 in El Valle, archdiocese of Cuenca. He completed his ecclesiastical studies in the seminary of Cuenca and in the seminary of the Misioneros Javerianos de Yarumal. He was awarded a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Strasbourg.

He was ordained a priest on 12 December 1993, and incardinated at the Institute for Foreign Missions in Yarumal. After a period of mission in Cameroon (1994-1996) he returned to Ecuador where he was incardinated in the Diocese of Riobamba. He has held the following positions: professor and rector of the diocesan seminary of Riobamba, professor at the Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo, coordinator of diocesan youth pastoral care and parish priest in several poarishes. He currently serves as parish priest and vicar general of the diocese of Riobamba.