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RESCRIPTUM EX AUDIENTIA SS.MI: Rescript of the Holy Father Francis establishing the institution of the John Paul I Vatican Foundation, 28.04.2020

The Holy Father Francis, in the audience granted to the undersigned Cardinal Secretary of State on 10 February 2020, has established to institute the John Paul I Vatican Foundation, with canonical and civil legal personality and with its headquarters at the Secretariat of State.

The purpose of the Foundation is the promotion and dissemination of awareness of the thought, works and example of Pope John Paul I.

The Foundation will be governed by canon laws, by those in force in Vatican City and by the annexed Statute, approved by the Supreme Pontiff and to be understood as an integral part of the present Act.

The Holy Father Francis has also appointed, pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 7 of the Statute, the President of the Foundation in the person of the undersigned Secretary of State.

From the Vatican, 17 February 2020


Secretary of State of His Holiness