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Message of the Holy Father to the parish of the “Due Palazzi” Detention Centre in Padua, 10.04.2020

The following is the Message sent by the Holy Father Francis to the faithful of the parish of the “Due Palazzi” Detention Centre in Padua, to when the preparation of the texts of the meditations and the prayers proposed this year for the stations of the Good Friday Via Crucis on the parvis of Saint Peter’s Basilica:


Message of the Holy Father

Dear friends of the Due Palazzi parish in Padua,

I have read the meditations for the Via Crucis that you have all given together.  I dwelt amid your words and felt at welcomed, at home. Thank you for sharing a piece of your history with me. God tells of Himself and speaks to us in a story; He invites us to listen attentively and mercifully. I want to thank you also because you have scattered your names not in the sea of anonymity, but of the many people linked to the prison world. Thus, in the Via Crucis, you will lend your story to all those in the world who are in the same situation. It is comforting to read a story in which we find not only stories of people in prison, but also of those who are passionate about the world of prison. Together, it is possible. Together. I embrace you all. Even though I am sure Don Marco always reminds you, I ask you to pray for me. I keep you always in my heart. Thank you.