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Holy See Press Office Communiqué, 08.03.2020

In coordination with the measures launched by the Italian authorities, a number of measures were adopted today to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to be observed in the Dicasteries and other entities of or related to the Holy See, and in the Governorate of Vatican City State.

These measures include the precautionary closure, until 3 April 2020, of the Vatican Museums, the Excavation Office, the Museum of the Pontifical Villas and the museum centres of the Pontifical Basilicas.

On this occasion, it is reiterated that to date only one positive case COVID-19 has been confirmed, regarding an external individual who had attended the outpatient clinics of the Directorate of Health and Hygiene for a pre-assumption medical examination, and that the five people who had had close contact with this individual are in precautionary quarantine.