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Audiences, 20.02.2020

This morning the Holy Father received in audience:

Archbishop Ramón Alfredo Dus of Resistencia, Argentina;

- Prelates of the United States Catholic Bishops’ Conference (Region XV), on their “ad Limina Apostolorum” visit:

  - Archbishop Borys Gudziak of Philadelphia of the Ukrainians

    with the auxiliary:

    - Bishop Andriy Rabiy, titular of Germaniciana;

  - Bishop Bohdan John Danylo of Saint Josaphat in Parma of the Ukrainians;

  - Bishop Venedyct Aleksiychuck of Saint Nicholas of Chicago of the Ukrainians;

  - Bishop Paul Patrick Chomnycky, O.S.B.M., of Stamford of the Ukrainians;

  - Archbishop William Charles Skurla of Pittsburgh of the Byzantines;

  - Bishop Milan Lach, S.J., of Parma of the Ruthenians;

  - Bishop Kurt R. Burnette of Passaic of the Ruthenians;

  - Bishop Nicholas James Samra of Newton of the Greek-Melkites; apostolic administrator “sede vacante et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis” of Nuestra Señora del Paradiso en México of the Greek-Melkites;

  - Bishop Barnaba Yousif Habash of Our Lady of Deliverance of Newark of the Syrians;

  - Bishop Abdallah Elias Zaidan of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles of the Maronites;

  - Bishop Antoine Mikäel Mouradian of Our Lady of Nareg in Glendale of the Armenians;

  - Bishop John Michael Botean of Saint George in Canton of the Romanians;

  - Bishop Jacob Angadiath of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Chicago of the Syro-Malabars; apostolic visitator for faithful of Syro-Malabar rite resident in Canada

    with the auxiliary:

    - Bishop Joy Alappat, titular of Bencenna.

This morning, the Pope will receive in audience:

  - Participants in the Plenary of the Congregation for Catholic Education (for Educational Institutions).