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Sala Stampa

Notice from the Office of Liturgical Celebrations, 18.02.2020

Ash Wednesday – “Station” of the Basilica of Santa Sabine at the Aventine presided at by the Holy Father Francis

On Wednesday 26 February, the first day of Lent, a celebration will take place in the form of the Roman “Stations”, presided at by the Holy Father Francis, as follows:

At 16.30, in the Church of Saint Anselm at the Aventine, the liturgy of the stations will begin, followed by the penitential procession towards the Basilica of Saint Sabine.

The cardinals, archbishops, Benedictine monks of Saint Anselm, the Dominican Fathers of Saint Sabine and some faithful will take part in the procession.

At the end of the procession, in the Basilica of Saint Sabine, the Holy Mass will take place with the rite of the blessing and the imposition of the ashes.