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Audiences, 27.01.2020

This morning the Holy Father received in audience:

- Prelates of the United States Catholic Bishops’ Conference (Region XI), on their “ad Limina Apostolorum” visit:

  - Archbishop José Horacio Gómez of Los Angeles
    with the auxiliaries:
    - Bishop Alejandro D. Aclan, titular of Rusicade,
    - Bishop David Gerard O'Connell, titular of Cell Ausaille,
    - Bishop Robert Emmet Barron, titular of Macriana di Mauritania,
    - Bishop Marc V. Trudeau, titular of Tinisa di Proconsolare;
    with the archbishop emeritus:
    - His Eminence Cardinal Roger Michael Mahony
    and with the former auxiliaries:
    - Bishop Thomas J. Curry, titular of Ceanannus Mór,
    - Bishop Gerald E. Wilkerson, titular of Vincennes;
  - Bishop Joseph Vincent Brennan of Fresno
    with the emeritus:
    - Bishop Armando Xavier Ochoa;

  - Bishop Daniel Elias Garcia of Monterey in California;

  - Bishop Kevin William Vann of Orange in California
    with the auxiliaries:
    - Bishop Timothy E. Freyer, titular of Strathearn,
    - Bishop Thanh Thai Nguyen, titular of Acalisso
    and with the emeritus: 
     - Bishop Tod David Brown;

  - Bishop Gerald Richard Barnes of San Bernardino
    with the coadjutor:
     - Bishop Alberto Rojas 
    and with the former auxiliary:
     - Bishop Rutilio Juan Del Riego Jánez, titular of Daimlaig;

  - Bishop Robert Walter McElroy of San Diego
    with the auxiliary:
    - Bishop John P. Dolan, titular of Uchi Maius;

  - Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone of  San Francisco
    with the former auxiliary:
    - Bishop William Joseph Justice, titular of Matara in Proconsulari;

  - Bishop Clarence R. Silva of Honolulu;

  - Bishop George Leo Thomas of Las Vegas
    with the emeritus:
    - Bishop Joseph Anthony Pepe

  - Bishop Michael Charles Barber, S.J., of Oakland;

  - Bishop Randolph Roque Calvo of Reno;

  - Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento
    with the emeritus:
    - Bishop William Keith Weigand;

  - Bishop Oscar Cantù of San José in California
    with the emeritus:
    - Bishop Patrick Joseph McGrath;

  - Bishop Robert Francis Vasa of Santa Rosa;

  - Bishop Myron Joseph Cotta of Stockton.