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From the Oriental Churches, 24.11.2018

Transfer of the bishop of Akka, Israel, to the see of Bairut and Jbeil, Lebanon

His Beatitude Youssef Absi, Patriarch of Antioch of the Greek-Melkites, with the assent of the Synod of Bishops of the Greek-Melkite Church and informing the Apostolic See, has transferred H.E. Msgr. Georges Bacouni from the See of Akka, Israel, to that of Bairut and Jbeil, Lebanon.

H.E. Msgr. Georges Bacouni

H.E. Msgr. Georges Bacouni was born on 16 May 1962 in Ain el-Roummaneh, Beirut, and graduated in financial sciences from the Lebanese State University in 1985.

He entered the Saint Ann Seminary of Raboué in 1990, and carried out his philosophical and theological studies at the Saint Paul Institute of Harissa-Lebanon.

He was ordained a priest on 30 July 1995 for the archieparchy of Bairut and Jbeil of the Greek-Melkites, and exercised his priestly ministry from 1995 to 2004 at Bikfayya and Saint Ann of Raboué; he was then parish priest in Safra-Jbeil, as well as coordinator of youth pastoral ministry for the same archieparchy and director of university pastoral ministry for the faculties of architecture and medicine at the Lebanese University.

On 22 June 2005 he was elected as archbishop of Tiro of the Greek-Melkites, Lebanon. The following 21 October news was published of the granting of papal assent to the canonical election. He received the episcopal chirotony on 27 November 2005.

The Synod of Bishops of the Greek-Melkite Church, on June 2014, transferred him to the archieparchial see of Akka of the Greek-Melkites, Israel.

The same Synod, gathered from 5 to 9 November in Raboueh, Lebanon, transferred him to the archieparchial and metropolitan Seee of Bairut and Jbeil of the Greek-Melkites, Lebanon.