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Letter from the Holy Father to the Founder of the Monastery of Bose for the 50th anniversary of the monastic community, 12.11.2018

The following is the letter sent by the Holy Father Francis to the founder of the Monastery of Bose, Br. Enzo Bianchi, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the monastic community:


Letter of the Holy Father

Br. Enzo Bianchi
Founder of the Monastery of Bose

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of this Monastic Community, I join spiritually in your thanksgiving to the Lord for these years of fruitful presence in the Church and in society, through a particular form of community life, which arose in the wake of the guidelines of Vatican Council II.

Its simple beginning became a significant mission that has fostered the renewal of religious life, interpreted as Gospel lived in the great monastic tradition. Within this current of grace, your Community has distinguished itself in its commitment to preparing the way of unity of the Christian Churches, becoming a place of prayer, of encounter and of dialogue among Christians, in view of the communion of faith and of love for which Jesus prayed.

I wish to express my appreciation especially for the ministry of hospitality for which you are distinguished: your welcome to all without distinction, believers and non-believers; attentive listening to those who are in search of encounter and consolation; the service of discernment for the young in search of their role in society. The fruits of your work of faith and love are many, and most are known only to the Lord.

In the face of contemporary challenges, I encourage you increasingly to be witnesses of evangelical love, first and foremost between yourselves, living genuine fraternal communion that represents the sign, before the Church and society, of the life to which you have been called. May the elders of the community encourage the young, and may the young take care of the elderly, a valuable treasure of wisdom and perseverance. You will thus be able to live with greatness of heart also with others, especially with those who are poorest in hope. Continue to be attentive to the smallest, the last, pilgrims and outsiders: these are the most fragile members of the Body of Jesus

May this anniversary be a moment of grace for each one of you, a time to meditate more intensely on your calling and your mission, entrusting yourselves to the Holy Spirit to have steadfastness and courage in continuing on your path with courage. I accompany you with prayer, so that you may persevere in your initial intuition: may the sobriety of your life be a shining testimony to evangelical radicalism; may fraternal life in charity be a sign that you are a house of communion where all can be welcomed like Christ in person.

With these sentiments, as I ask you to pray for me, I heartily send my Apostolic Blessing to you, to the Prior and to the entire monastic community, as well as to your guests, friends and those who share your charism.

From the Vatican, 11 November 2018