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Audiences, 28.09.2018

This morning the Holy Father received in audience:

- Participants in the Plenary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity;

- The “Patrons of the Arts” of the Vatican Museums;

- Prelates of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, on their “ad Limina Apostolorum” visit:

  - H.E. Msgr. Bernard Longley, archbishop of Birmingham

    with the auxiliary bishops:

    - H.E. Msgr. David Christopher McGough, titular bishop of Cunavia,

    - H.E. Msgr. William Kenney, C.P., titular bishop of Midica,

  - H.E. Msgr. Robert Byrne, C.O., titular bishop of Cuncacestre;

  - H.E. Msgr. Declan Ronan Lang, bishop of Clifton;

  - H.E. Msgr. Mark Davies, bishop of Shrewsbury;

  - H.E. Msgr. George Stack, archbishop of Cardiff;

  - H.E. Msgr. Thomas Matthew Burns, S.M., bishop of Menevia;

  - H.E. Msgr. Peter Brignall, bishop of Wrexham;

  - H.E. Msgr. Malcolm Patrick McMahon, O.P., archbishop of Liverpool

    with the auxiliary bishop:

    - H.E. Msgr. Thomas Anthony Williams, titular bishop of Mageó;

  - H.E. Msgr. Ralph Heskett, C.SS.R., bishop of Hallam;

  - H.E. Msgr. Séamus Cunningham, bishop of Hexham and Newcastle;

  - H.E. Msgr. Paul Swarbrick, bishop of Lancaster;

  - H.E. Msgr. Marcus Stock, bishop of Leeds;

  - H.E. Msgr. Terence Patrick Drainey, bishop of Middlesbrough;

  - H.E. Msgr. John Stanley Kenneth Arnold, bishop of Salford;

  - H.E. Msgr. Peter David Gregory Smith, archbishop of Southwark

    with the auxiliary bishops:

    - H.E. Msgr. Patrick Kieran Lynch, SS.CC., titular bishop of Castro,

    - H.E. Msgr. Paul Hendricks, titular bishop of Rosemarkie;

  - H.E. Msgr. Alan Williams, S.M., bishop of Brentwood;

  - H.E. Msgr. Alan Stephen Hopes, bishop of East Anglia;

  - H.E. Msgr. Peter John Haworth Doyle, bishop of Northampton;

  - H.E. Msgr. Patrick Joseph McKinney, bishop of Nottingham;

  - H.E. Msgr. Charles Phillip Richard Moth, bishop of Arundel and Brighton;

  - H.E. Msgr. Mark O’Toole, bishop of Plymouth;

  - H.E. Msgr. Philip Anthony Egan, bishop of Portsmouth;

  - His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Gerard Nichols, archbishop of Westminster

    with the auxiliary bishops:

    - H.E. Msgr. John Sherrington, titular bishop of Ilta,

    - H.E. Msgr. Nicholas Gilbert Hudson, titular bishop of Sanctus Germanus,

    - H.E. Msgr. Paul McAleenan, titular bishop of Mercia,

    - H.E. Msgr. John Wilson, titular bishop of Lindisfarna;

  - Msgr. Keith Newton, ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham;

  - H.E. Msgr. Paul James Mason, military ordinary;

  - Fr. Hugh David Renwich Turnbull Allan, O. Praem., apostolic administrator of the apostolic prefecture of the Falkland Islands or the Malvinas;

  - H.E. Msgr. Hlib Borys Sviatoslav Lonchyna, M.S.U., bishop of Holy Family of London of the Byzantine Ukrainians;

  - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Srampickal, bishop of Great Britain of the Syro-Malabars.