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Apostolic Trip of His Holiness Francis in Ireland for the World Meeting of Families in Dublin (25-26 August 2018) – The Pope’s words on the Rome-Dublin flight, 25.08.2018

This morning on the aircraft that carried him to Ireland for his 24th Apostolic Trip, the Holy Father Francis, as usual, greeted the media workers who accompanied him on the papal flight.

Introduced by the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Greg Burke, the Pope addressed the following words to the journalists:


Words of the Holy Father

Greg Burke:

Good morning Holy Father, and thank you for this greeting. This will be a brief but intense trip: a small country but an important country, which has had great influence in the world, both in the Church and in the world. There are seventy journalists here, and several have come from Ireland, there are some Irish resident in Rome who are making this journey with us. And I have to say there is great expectation for the trip.

If you would like to say something…

Pope Francis:

Good morning, and thank you for the company, thank you for coming. It will be my second Meeting of Families: the first was in Philadelphia, this is the second. And I like to be with families, I am happy for this trip. And also another reason that touches the heart a little: I return to Ireland after 38 years – I spent nearly three months there to practice English, in the year 1980. And for me too this is a good memory. Thank you for your work. Now I would like to greet you…