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Signing of Accord between the Holy See and the Republic of San Marino, 28.06.2018

On Tuesday 26 June, in Palazzo Begni, seat of the Secretariat of State for Foreign Affairs and Policy of the Republic of San Marino, an Accord was signed between the Holy See and the Republic of San Marino for the Teaching of Catholic religion in public schools.

The Accord was signed on behalf of the Holy See by H.E. Msgr. Emil Paul Tscherrig, titular archbishop of Voli and apostolic nuncio, and for the Republic of San Marino, H.E. Hon. Nicola Renzi, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

The following took part in the solemn act:

on behalf of the Holy See: Msgr. Elio Ciccioni, vicar general of the diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro; Rev. Gabriele Mangiarotti, diocesan director of School Pastoral Care; Msgr. Giuseppe Laterza, nunciature counsellor;

on behalf of the state: Ms. Silvia Berti, director of the Diplomatic Ceremony, and H.E. Ms. Maria Alessandra Albertini, ambassador to the Holy See.

The Accord, constituted of a preamble and 4 articles, redefines the status of the teaching of Catholic religion within the public educational system, assuring to students who opt for it the cultural elements necessary for the knowledge of the religion, for the growth of the person and for the understanding of the present reality and history of the country and of European culture.

The Accord will come into effect once the formalities required by the institutional orders of the two Parties have been fulfilled.