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Audiences, 05.03.2018

This morning the Holy Father received in audience:

- H.E. Mr. Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Austria, and entourage;

- Prelates of the Episcopal Conference of Vietnam, on their “ad Limina Apostolorum” visit:

 - His Eminence Cardinal Pierre Nguyên Văn Nhon, archbishop of Hà Nôi,

   with the auxiliary bishop:

   - H.E. Msgr. Laurent Chu Văn Minh, titular bishop of Tinisa di Numidia;

 - H.E. Msgr. Cosma Hoàng Văn Ɖat, S.J., bishop of Bac Ninh;

 - H.E. Msgr. Thomas Vu Dình Hiêu, bishop of Bùi Chu;

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Vu Văn Thiên, bishop of Hai Phòng;

 - H.E. Msgr. Jean Marie Vu Tât, bishop of Hung Hoá,

   with the auxiliary bishop:

   - H.E. Msgr. Alphonse Nguyên Huu Long, P.S.S., titular bishop of Gummi di Bizacena;

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Chau Ngoc Tri, bishop of Lang Són et Cao Bang;

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Nguyên Năng, bishop of Phát Diêm;

 - H.E. Msgr. Pierre Nguyên Văn Dê, S.D.B., bishop of Thái Bình;

 - H.E. Msgr. Paul Nguyên Thái Hop, O.P., bishop of Vinh,

   with the auxiliary bishop:

   - H.E. Msgr. Pierre Nguyên Văn Viên, titular bishop of Megalopoli di Proconsolare;

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Nguyên Chi Linh, archbishop of Huê, apostolic administrator “sede vacante et ad nutum Sanctae Sedis” of Thanh Hóa;

 - H.E. Msgr. Vincent Nguyên Văn Ban, bishop of Ban Mê Thuôt;

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Ɖăng Ɖúc Ngân, bishop of Ɖà Nang;

 - H.E. Msgr. Louis Gonzaga Nguyên Hùng Vi, bishop of Kontum;

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Võ Ɖúc Minh, bishop of Nha Trang;

 - H.E. Msgr. Matthieu Nguyên Văn Khôi, bishop of Quy Nhon;

 - H.E. Msgr. Paul Bùi Văn Ɖoc, archbishop of Thành-Phô Hô Chí Minh,

   with the auxiliary bishops:

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Do Manh Hung, titular bishop of Liberalia,

 - H.E. Msgr. Louis Nguyên Anh Tuán, titular bishop of Catro;

 - H.E. Msgr. Emmanuel Nguyên Hong Son, bishop of Bà Ria;

 - H.E. Msgr. Stephanus Tri Buu Thiên, bishop of Cân Tho;

 - H.E. Msgr. Antoine Vu Huy Chuong, bishop of Ɖà Lat;

   with the coadjutor bishop:

   - H.E. Msgr. Dominic Nguyên Văn Manh;

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Trân Xuân Tiéu, bishop of Long Xuyên,

   with the coadjutor bishop:

   - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Trân Văn Toàn;

 - H.E. Msgr. Pierre Nguyên Văn Kham, bishop of My Tho;

 - H.E. Msgr. Thomas Nguyên Văn Trâm, diocesan administrator of Phan Thiêt;

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Nguyên Tân Tuóc, bishop of Phú Cuong;

 - H.E. Msgr. Peter Huynh Văn Hai, bishop of Vinh Long;

 - H.E. Msgr. Joseph Ɖình Ɖúc Ɖao, bishop of Xuân Lôc;

   with the auxiliary bishop:

   - H.E. Msgr. John Ɖo Văn Ngân, titular bishop of Buleliana.